How should you prepare to visit our water park?

¿Cómo debes prepararte para visitar nuestro parque acuático?

At AquaVera we offer all the resources so that your fun is 100% guaranteed. However, it is not only your fun that we want to ensure; your safety is very important to us. Therefore, we bring you some tips so you know how to prepare yourself to visit our water park.


When you come to see us and you are enjoying our water slides and pools slides and pools you will be constantly exposed to the sun. For this reason, it is imperative that you apply sunscreen frequently and we recommend that it be more than 30 SPF. This way you will not get burned and you will be able to enjoy your day in the park in the best possible way.


Keep in mind that when you are in the park you will be constantly on the go, so bring comfortable shoes and cool clothes. For footwear you can bring flip-flops, but if you prefer more comfort and protection for your feet, we recommend clogs or booties. Regarding clothing, bring cool clothes that do not make you too hot so you can move freely. The most important thing… Swimsuits! Essential for you to enjoy all the slides. Try to bring one that is comfortable and fits well. In addition, it is also advisable to bring a spare swimsuit so you don’t stay wet all day.


As we mentioned before, during your visit to AquaVera you will be exposed to the sun for many hours. For this reason, apart from protecting your skin, it is also necessary to drink plenty of water. You can bring your own bottle (as long as it is not made of glass). But if you forget, don’t worry because in the park you can buy water and all kinds of soft drinks to keep you hydrated.


It is essential to read and respect the rules of the park at all times. If you fail to do so, we may ask you to leave the park. Respect and good fellowship will allow everyone to enjoy a great day at the park. Starting with height restrictions, the use of appropriate clothing, obeying the instructions of the lifeguards, running around the facilities, among many others.


One of the most most frequently asked questions you ask us is if you can enter with food. The answer is yes, but it is very important that you do not bring any glass, it is forbidden. You should also not bring bulky or dangerous objects that disturb or endanger others. You will not be able to access with chairs, tables, bicycles, scooters or a barbecue!


Our team works very hard every day cleaning and taking care of the park so that when you visit us you will find it in the best conditions. That is why we ask you to help us in this task. Use the garbage cans and help us to recycle and keep the park clean. With these six tips you are more than ready for a great day at the park.

We’ll take care of the rest… We look forward to seeing you!

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