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Whether you like thrills or if you prefer to relax in the water, we have the attractions you are looking for at AquaVera.

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Black flash

Impressive closed slide of more than 11 meters of slope and 482 meters long, with light effects inside that will leave you “aluzinado”.

A real Flash for your senses!



A vertiginous slide, over 11 metres in height and 130 metres in length allows you to slide at full speed. Ideal for the most daring.



A 4-lane slide ideal for challenging your family and friends to a thrilling race. The attraction has a height of over 11 metres and a length of 148 metres.


Black Hole

Fun attraction where you will experience numerous twists and turns in total darkness sliding down a closed slide of more than 11 meters high and 423 meters long. If you are looking for an adrenaline-rush, you can’t miss them!


Adventure River

Slide through the waters of our river while you enjoy the sun, a meandering descent along its 380 metres, overcoming a difference in height of 12.42 metres. You can go by yourself or accompanied. Ideal for the most adventurous.


Zigzag Slides

Experience fast twists and turns and thrilling descents as you slide down two slides over 12 metres high that criss-cross and tangle, one 133 metres long and the other 125 metres long.


Lake Pool

Immerse yourself and swim in our large pool of calm water to relax from the emotions you have experienced. Ideal to enjoy with family or friends.

Splash Cube

This shallow swimming area is ideal for the little ones. Do you want to cool off? When you least expect it… hundreds of litres of water will fall on you!

Wave Pool

Enjoy the freshwater waves while you relax or jump them! An ideal attraction for family fun.


This is the water play area designed for the little ones to enjoy slides, water jets, ramps, etc.



You will slide down and up this crazy slide at full speed thanks to the force of inertia. The height of the attraction is 13 metres and its length is 32 metres.


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