AquaVera Water Park collaborates with the Tiktokers for equality contest.

Have you already participated in the Tiktokers for Equality contest?

From AquaVera Water Park we collaborate one more year with the Tiktokers for equality contest organized by the Subdelegation of the Government in Almeria and invites all teenagers in the province who are currently attending compulsory secondary education to participate through their schools. This fabulous initiative aims to raise awareness among young people of the importance of maintaining equal relationships between girls and boys through videos no longer than 60 seconds and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the social network Tiktok.

The videos, which must be edited only through this social network and uploaded under the hashtag #tiktokersporlaigualdad, must highlight “the values of a healthy relationship, based on respect and freedom, rejecting sexist attitudes and committing to a society free of violence against women”.

The deadline for submissions is March 1, so there is still time to participate! From AquaVera we want to encourage all schools in Almeria, and especially Vera, to participate in this beautiful initiative that aims to raise awareness of the need to achieve a more egalitarian society for all.

Individual and group awards

Six individual prizes consisting of a smartphone and two tickets to the AquaVera water park will be awarded to each winner, as well as three group prizes. as a plaque and a projector for the school with the highest proportional participation of its students and a one-day pass to the AquaVera Water Park for all members of the class with the highest proportional participation, within the winning school.

The proposals submitted will be evaluated on the basis of the message they convey, their creativity, originality and execution.


At AquaVera Water Park we are deeply committed to gender equality, as well as to our young people, whom we consider the engine of change in our society and the main protagonists to make this equality effective. Therefore, we collaborate for the third consecutive year in this contest that aims to raise awareness among young people through their own eyes and with their own tools on a topic as important and necessary as this.

For more information on the rules and how to participate in the Tiktokers for Equality contest, please visit

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