El Pinar de AquaVera

El Pinar de AquaVera

The AquaVera Water Park is located in the middle of a pine forest, at the top of the so-called Cabezo de la Pelea, where two varieties of pine trees coexist: the stone pine and the Mediterranean pine.

When the decision was made to build AquaVera at the site, an environmental commitment was made to plant 10 pine trees for every one that was uprooted. During this process, most of the existing pine trees were respected and the new ones were planted on the back slope of the park, which borders a pedestrian walkway just behind it.

Today, you can clearly see which pines have been growing all their lives and which are new.

The pine forest is our jewel, it is a source of pride for us and also a distinguishing feature, since water parks do not usually enjoy this wonderful shade that we have here. And this is an advantage for our visitors, something they enjoy very much and which makes us especially happy.

We take great care of the pines and devote enormous resources to their maintenance for several reasons:

  • For care of the environment and the environment that surrounds us.
  • There is no cooler shade for our visitors than natural shade.
  • It is a lung for this area and, in addition, it dresses in green a place where vegetation is not abundant and the little that there is is low scrub.
  • If pine needles, which are pine needles that fall to the ground, get into the pool filters, they can cause serious damage to them. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the pine forest clean at all times.

How do we maintain our pine forest?

To maintain a healthy pine forest it is necessary to allocate, as we have just mentioned, large human and economic resources.

Every year, out of season, the Hermanos Collado gardening company carries out two fundamental actions:

  • On the one hand, it is in charge of pruning, felling and cleaning up old branches and branches in poor condition. In this way, we get the pine to rejuvenate and the branches in good condition and new shoots to grow stronger and healthier.
  • On the other hand, the pines are injected with a specific chemical product, imported from Germany, with which we prevent the appearance of pests (the main one is the processionary) and strengthen the growth of the tree. The effects of these injections are visible to the naked eye as the pine tree acquires a much more vivid green color, the appearance of processionary pine needles is prevented and the generation of pine needles is reduced.

Our pine forest is our pride and we work and maintain it so that it continues to grow healthy and offer our visitors that natural shade so appreciated and coveted in the hot months.

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