Celebrate with us: our proposals for groups

AquaVera es un parque acuático con muchas atracciones para niños y piscinas infantiles

Did you know that you can celebrate birthdays, family reunions or corporate events with us? AquaVera is the perfect venue for your celebrations, and we offer special discounts for group events. Whether a school visit, holiday camp or a birthday celebration, at AquaVera you can celebrate the event you want, we’ll help you organise it! 

We attributed dedicated areas for group activities within the water park. These are our proposals: 


Our special offer for educational centres (schools, colleges, academies, AMPAS, etc.) so that mothers, fathers, teachers and students can enjoy an unforgettable day in our park. What’s more, we’ll give you a group photo as a souvenir of your visit! 

Birthday Celebrations 

Special offers for you to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones at AquaVera. You get in for free and a birthday present is also included! You can book a reserved space in our catering area and decorate it to your liking.  

“The birthday boy or girl gets in for free and has a gift included!” 


Take advantage of our personalised group discounts, for groups of more than 10 people, granting preferential access to the park. You can organise your visit with friends, family or colleagues and enjoy an unforgettable day at AquaVera! 


Organise your visit to our park and enjoy an unforgettable camping day with the camp counsellors. Have fun at the best price. Moreover, we will give you a group photo so that you have a nice souvenir of your visit to the park! 

“We give you a group photo so that you have a nice souvenir of your visit to the park”. 


Do you want to organise an original corporate event? Take advantage of our special offers for companies. Celebrate your corporate events, recreational activities, leisure activities for employees and special days with us. Tell us what you would like to organise and we will do our best to personalise your visit in the most creative way. 

If you would like more information or to check our rates, you can contact us by email at info@aquavera.com or by calling our telephone numbers 950 467 337 and 950 467 309. 

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