Villages to Visit in the North of Almeria

Qué pueblos puedes visitar en el norte de Almería

At AquaVera, we’re quite proud of our area and our people. That’s why (and because you deserve it), we wanted to write a very special post mentioning some of the best villages to visit in the north of Almeria.

Let’s begin!

We’ll start off our list of recommendations with one of the loveliest villages in Almeria, Vélez Blanco. It’s a place with some of the most well-known monuments in the region such as the Fajardo Castle and the Letreros Cave (Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO).

It’s all accompanied by incredible panoramic views and natural scenery for a quick getaway or a nice hike with family, friends or alone.

If you’re looking to get completely lost among Levante’s natural areas, Nijar couldn’t be left off this list. It’s home to the most spectacular landscape in this part of the country: Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

You can also find Almanzora Valley (Valle del Almanzora) here, an excellent way to get to know a different kind of Almeria. 27 villages set among unique landscapes with all sorts of hiking routes can be found throughout this territory in addition to the Seron Observatory, a digital planetarium featuring the latest technology for activities the whole family will enjoy.

If you’re looking for something else quite unique, it’s the perfect time to head over to the Tabernas Desert. Located between the Sierra de los Filabres and the Sierra de Alhamilla mountains, it is considered the only real desert on the European continent.

Culture, nature and local gastronomy

Following these three recommendations are some of the most outstanding villages in our region. Carboneras offers a pleasant rural environment which has changed it from a discreet fishing village to a first-class tourist centre with everything one would want from a Mediterranean coastal town: good gastronomy, spacious beaches and nature like nowhere else.

Then there’s Lucainena de las Torres, a village set among high mountains with an incredible history due to its Roman Empire origins. However, if you’re looking for something more “gastronomic”, we recommend a visit to Serón.  This town specializes in traditional artisan products like ham and cured meats.

And to finish off the list, we’d like to mention the marble museum in Macael and the colourful walk along the old quarry. In the neighbouring village of Olula del Río, you absolutely can’t miss the Pérez Siquier Centre, featuring the work of one of the most renowned Spanish photographers, and the Ibáñez Museum where you can admire paintings by Goya, Antonio López, Zuloaga, Pinazo and others as well as sculptures, photography and artisan work. 

You can also visit the Fortress of the Sun (Fortaleza del Sol), the Lorca castle which offers an immense panoramic view of the surrounding area and gardens for some relaxation.

There’s also a castle called San Juan de las Águilas in the village of Águilas (Murcia) with spectacular coastal views.

Now all you have to do is start organizing your trip.

Come back soon for another AquaVera post!

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